I am looking at alternative in Solar energy to reduce by electricity bills, can you let me know, for which equipments can we use solar? I know water heating is one. can you let me know if AC, Fans, Lights can run on Solar as well. Do we need seperate electricals for this or same one will do? the calculator state i require ~9KW of solar engery, what does that mean

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Hello Anil,

Solar energy provides electricity its like a diesel generator, you can use it for any of your electrical needs.

So, systems like solar water heater are thermal systems and they dont produce electricity and only heating.

Solar panels on the other hand PV systems and can generate electricity.

9kW system means that you need solar panels of 9kW load to fulfill your requirement

  • anil
    Thank you for the answer, can you provide me a approx cost which i may have to incur to install a 9KW load and how much space will it require
  • Team Saurya
    Anil, for basic estimation 0.2kW per square meter of land is needed. Cost will depend upon how much battery required, etc. A 9kW system will cost in lower seven digits rupees with a complete battery bank. For price details please get in touch with us.
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