Dear team Saurya,
While researching online I found that NE part of India receives one of the lowest amount of DNI in India, less than 4 kWh/m^2/day. While states like Gujrat gets nearly twice this amount. I would like to know as a consultancy firm do you think solar energy is commercially viable in NE India ? Please answer both in terms of household production and commercial production.

Thank you, keep up the good work.

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Hello Pallab,

You raise an interesting point about solar. Does solar succeed only in areas like Gujarat and Rajasthan where we have abundance of sun or not? The answer can come from the success story of countries like Germany, who have very less DNI compared to our region and have still successfully commercialized solar.

In areas like Gujarat, the solar efficiency also suffers due to scattered light from dust. However, in areas like NE states, this light is concentrated. Furthermore, in areas like NE states solar is a commercially viable option because it allows for small micro grids to be set up where large grids cannot reach.

I hope I have give you a brief overview on the answer why solar is potentially commercially viable in NE states. Please feel free to post any follow up questions.

Team Saurya

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Thank you for the informative answer Team Saurya.
The idea that solar radiation is concentrated in NE is quite new to me and that certainly raises some hope ! But I still do not understand what’s stopping farms like yours from setting up similar plants in NE ? As a power deficit region there must be pretty good chances of commercial success if production itself is not a problem !

Will you elaborate a bit more ?

P.S. if you are pissed blame your good answer that encouraged me for a followup !

  • Team Saurya
    Dear Pallab, First of all, we are always glad to help as much as we can to promote solar and green energy in India. Your follow up question is a compliment for us. The reason why we NE states are not getting solar plants is that solar at the moment is dependent on the government. To sell electricity, a firm has to bid and sign contract with the government agency. Gujarat has taken a tremendous lead in this regard. However, most states and also NE states in India are not taking these steps. Although, we hope that people such as yourself will make the government rethink the strategy and open tenders. Cheers!
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