Conventional wisdom seems to be stuck on the premise that the most optimum elevation angle for solar modules in India (in case of fixed mounting structures), is “facing southwards at the angle equal to latitude”

However, in all locations south of the Vindhyas (south of the tropic of cancer), the sun actually moves north of the location of the solar plant.

I am stuck with this insistence by my vendor (under Tamil nadu CM’s rooftop scheme) that TEDA specs lays down southwards facing panel with a fixed angle of 11 to 12 degrees.

On June 21, the sun will actually be at elevation 12 degrees facing North, and in the month where maximum insolation is expected, the panel output will be close to zero watts.

Adjustable panels are not rocket science (or am I missing something ? like cyclone proofing etc).

Can anyone who has gone thru a similar situation advise me on a sensible course of action ?

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Ha ha! I never thought of it this way..

Did a little research and found this for Chennai:

These are the optimum angle for solar panel orientation in Chennai for each month

![enter image description here][1]

So according to estimation by NOAA, I would say that the most optimum angle for Chennai will perhaps be 77′

[1]: http://s29.postimg.org/74dbuhgt3/Capture.png

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