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1) Is tax credits (33.98%) applicable for commercial roof-top systems
​ or only for MW projects​?
2)​Can the depreciation be claimed on O&M expenses, transportation cost, fabrication, civil cost etc.​
3) Can a consumer apply for 80% AD and 5.28% ​of book depreciation,both?
Kindly help me in resolving these doubts

  • karan asked 9 years ago
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I am trying to understand what accelerated depreciation is for solar panels. Based on my understanding, there is 80% depreciation for the 1st year. Based on my understanding, we can avail tax benefits for this 80%, i.e we pay lesser tax. For example, for a 1 MW plant the cost of it would be 6 crores. Now, due to accelerated depreciation, I can claim about 1 crore rupees tax benefit, i.e I would pay 1 crore lesser tax on my total income tax. But, what if I am a new company and I do not taxes amounting to crores every year ? How can I claim this 1 crore benefit ?

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