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Hi ,I am new to this forum and hope that I will get all my doubts resolved here.

Let me tell the details of the product that I purchased.
I have a 1000Va Su-kam home ups system using two 24 V batteries.To this system I want to connect 2 X 200W (24V) solar panel(Moserbaer MBPV200P) in parallel.The distance between the inverter and the solar pannel is approximately 15 Meters. tHE SIZE OF THE SOLAR PANEL IS APPX 5.5 FEET x3.5 Feet each.

Q1.What should be the thickness of the wire that I use to install this system.

Q2.I live in auraiyya (UP)(26.4700° N, 79.5200° E) what should be the direction and the angle from the ground at which I should install the panels.

Q3.Should I prefer adjustable or fixed mount for the panels.In case of adjustable mount what should be the tilt of the panels in different months.Also please mention the same in case of fixed mount.

Q4. Do I need MC4 connecters or twisting the wires together will do the job.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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