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How it can help save on electricity bills?

Solar and renewable energy are quite popular these days. In this article, we are providing most of the details one can have questions solar water heater is a system that utilizes solar energy and the energy from sun light to heater water and store it in its storage tank . Its heating process is completely depends upon and electric power is required to heat the water with zero power cost. Solar water heating mainly categorized into two parts i.e.

 FPC (Flat Plate Collector)
 ETC (Evacuated Tube Collector)
FPC are metallic types system with a longer life.
ETC are made up of borosilicate glass and are fragile.

How to decide on which type to buy?

ETC are fragile with a cheaper price. They are mainly suitable for colder areas where the temperature is sub zero.

FPC are long lasting because they are made up of metallic they are experience than etc they can also work on colder regions with sub zero temperature but this will need an anti freeze solution which makes the system temperature.

How does the system perform on rainy/ cloudy days?

Most of the people thinks that solar system will not work on rainy and cloudy days. Well a system can still work if the overcast is not long ( less than a day or two), as the system works on the diffused radiation in the atmosphere.

A solar system can also be integrated with one existing electric system that can act as a back up during the days when the overcast is long. You can switch on if the water temperature from solar water goes down below 400 C.

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Please suggest me what is meant by net metering?

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I bought a simple solar set from Amazon about three years ago : two 15W panels, a solar fan, a light and a box. the box has two 12V batteries (Exide). As the batteries did not hold long anymore I replaced them about 2 months ago. For about a month that worked great : the fan and a light both worked during the day and the whole evening. But lately the fan stops already around 5pm. What can be the reason?

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