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Electrical energy is the basic need today, and its demand is increasing all over the world. Also, the need for an alternate source for energy has gained importance, and as solar energy is renewable energy backed with the government’s ambitious green energy targets, it has become a major attraction for investors. Over the last decade, countries like China, Germany, and the USA have come up with solar powerhouses and increased the production of electricity by solar energy, which in turn has helped the solar panel market to grow.

Based on type, the solar panel market is segmented into the monocrystalline panel, polycrystalline panel, and thin-film panel. Based on the application, the solar panel market is divided into solar photovoltaic (PV) power plant and solar concentrated power plant. The solar PV panels dominate the market due to low operating costs with it. Based on end-user, the solar panel market can also be segmented into residential, commercial, industrial, utilities, space & defense, and others.

The major market driver for the global solar panel market is the increasing demand for clean energy around the world. Many countries are now shifting towards the sources of clean energy. With the provision of government incentives and tax rebates over the installation of solar panels, the market is expected to undergo exponential growth.

The key market restraint for the global solar panel market is the high cost of installation of the solar panels. A certain area of land has to be given for the installation of the panels, the required amount of area increases with an increase in the amount of energy required. Post-installation of panels, the area cannot be used further for any other purpose, which acts as a restraint in the growth of the solar panel.

The global solar panel market has been spread into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and the Middle East and Africa. Asia-Pacific dominates the solar panel market and has the largest installation of solar energy. China is the largest producer of solar panels and photovoltaic energy in the Asia Pacific as well as in the world. Governments in India and China are promoting the use of solar energy, and it has positively influenced the solar panel market. Germany is the largest solar energy producer in Europe followed by Italy, the United Kingdom, Spain, and others.

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I bought a simple solar set from Amazon about three years ago : two 15W panels, a solar fan, a light and a box. the box has two 12V batteries (Exide). As the batteries did not hold long anymore I replaced them about 2 months ago. For about a month that worked great : the fan and a light both worked during the day and the whole evening. But lately the fan stops already around 5pm. What can be the reason?

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SunEdison is the best solar company in India that offers distributes solar energy across residential, commercial/industrial, rural segments and other emerging technologies. Choosing solar energy for your home ensures the reduction of emission of greenhouse gases, a significant lowering of your monthly electricity bills and a greater ROI of 25-30%. With easy EMI options, earn up to Rs.30,000 per year for every lakh you invest in our solar panels!

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We provide India’s best rooftop solar power system for residences and apartments. Convert your rooftop into a solar power plant with no fuel cost and very little maintenance lasting 25+ years,

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I am an IIT student. We are studying regarding the smarter energy solutions. I see some two-wheeler vehicals available in market running on battery. We are interested in the vehicals who has battery 48V and 3A and battery type is SLA 48V/20 AH. If we want to charge this vehical completely in 5-6 hours using solar panels, what would be the cost and in what size solar panels will be required? Consider overall environment conditions of india. Give me as much details as possible so I can understand easily. Thank you.

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Am looking for an Inverter to use fridge, Tv, 1 AC of 1.5 ton, 4 tubelights and 3 fans.

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I did some research here and there and i dont seem to find the ideal solution for me.
I live in Aizawl,Mizoram. The state electricity board supports Net Metering. Every time there is heavy rain, the electricity board cuts off electricity for safety reason (the infrastructure is very poor here in the hilly region). Moreover there is constant repair work going on every other day, making electricity extremely unreliable. An inverter is a default standard equipment in all homes here!
So what we want to do for our new house is install a 10 KW ON-GRID Solar System with Net Metering enabled, which helps reduce overall cost of our electricity, and also need a power backup system with 20-30 batteries to provide us electricity during the frequent electricity cut offs. The batteries should work only when the electricity board cuts off the electricity.
Can anyone provide me links to the dealers and the equipment i will need as well as the estimated cost?

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