Viability Gap Funding in JNNSM

Viability Gap Funding Details on JNSM Phase II Batch 1 Financial Bid announcement carried by SECI under Viability Gap Funding (VGF) Scheme [divider_advanced color=”rgba(120,18,18,1)” thickness=”2″] (Author is an expert solar industry veteran) The MNRE authorised Solar Energy Corporation of India (SEI) to implement NSM Phase II program. SECI had auctioned 750MW of solar energy projects and […]

Understanding Solar Net Metering in India

Net metering is a concept that has been talked about extensively in the world of solar. But, what exactly does it mean for you and when will it come to India? What is Net-Metering? Net metering is basically you generating you own electricity and then feeding whatever you dont use into the existing grid. The […]