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Electric Vehicles in India

Electric Vehicles in India Almost all major car manufacturing firms are working on electric motor model of cars. Tesla motors of California is one of the more serious contenders that is making some serious breakthrough in the space. Many people bet electric vehicles to be the vehicle of the future owing to their low carbon […]

Group Captive Power Scheme

Group Captive Scheme

Group Captive Power Scheme in India Although introduced in 2005, this scheme seems to be catching the trend off late in India. Understand this group captive  power scheme in depth with pros and cons below. What is a Group Captive Power Scheme? A group captive scheme is where someone develops a power plant for collective […]

Smart Grid India: Where is India’s future grid?

Smart Grid India While countries like China, USA, Germany are racing to invest and develop new era of grid technology, India’s grid remains severely under developed. Where is India in this smart grid race? More about Smart Grid India: The energy world is excited about this new so called smart grid. Conferences and organizations seems to be […]