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Workshop: Understanding of Opportunities in Solar : V

Understanding of Opportunities in Solar Solar Installation Primer With advent of JNNSM Phase II, Solar industry is poised to take a big swing. Get Ready with technology based workshop.   What is this workshop about ? [list style=”list3″ color=”blue”] Components of Solar System : In depth information on what components actually go into making a working […]

Understanding of Opportunities in Solar

Workshop Synopsis Solar Installers Workshop on Essentials of Solar Technology & Solar Economy REGISTRATIONS CLOSED New Delhi Understanding Opportunities in Solar (UOIS) is fourth in the series of workshops and its aim is to educate its participants about basics of solar and the possible opportunities which are opening up under the current economic scenario. The […]

Understanding of Opportunities in Solar

The UOIS-1 workshop was first in series of solar training workshops to be organized by Saurya. It was designed such as to cover all the major topics in two days.  With the announcement of JNNSM, the solar industry in India has seen a new boon in the market.  It is clearly evident that solar industry […]