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Solar Calculator

Solar Calculator for DIY Solar Homes.

load calculator

System Load Calculator For Solar

  • Calculate your monthly load that you need to convert to solar
  • Easy calculator with preloaded average potential loads
  • Use this result in system sizing tool below

Calculate your system load

Solar System Size

Solar System Sizing Tool

  • Use tool to find the size of your solar system
  • This tool automatically takes into account all the losses in storing, transmission etc
  • This tool allows you to set number of hours of sunlight that you expect

Size your solar system


Solar Water Heater Calculator

  • Find size of system you require for solar water heater
  • Calculator available for different commercial/residential
  • Automatic calculation of heat loss and other data

Find Solar Water Heater Size


Solar Radiation Finder, DNI

  • Find DNI of local cities of India
  • DNI annual average and monthly data
  • India map for solar radiation

Find Solar Radiation

charge controller

Solar Charge Controller Calculator

  • Calculate the amperage you need for your solar system's charge controller.
  • Use different module sizes.
  • Use different voltage supply sizes.

Calculate solar charge controller's amperage

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