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How does it Work?

We take data of estimated usage and calculate to give you a rough figure of how much water you might require.

Temperature the Solar Water Heater calculator calculates?

The solar water heater calculator give here is only to estimate temperature of 40’C. This is not what our system provides or can perform at. Our Solar Water heaters are customized for range of temperature. We are taking this particular temperature as it is the most commonly used and sufficient temperature.

Where do you calculate the estimated usage from?

We take the estimated usage statistics from UNDP (United Nations Development Program) and MNRE (Ministry of New and Renewable Energy).

What about the costs?

We cannot give you cost estimate here because there are many different types of solar water heaters and also subsidy estimations. Please contact us for a quote request.

Subsidy on the system from MNRE?

This is a frequently asked question and thats why we have written a guide to solar water heater subsidy from MNRE. Please find the link here.

Types of Solar Water Heaters?

There are mainly two types of solar water heaters: ETC and flat plate. The solar water heater calculator is of course independent of that. Please see all types of solar water heater from Saurya here.

Heat Loss and other loss are taken into account?

We take estimated heat loss for residential buildings automatically.