Key consultancy areas for solar energy business development


We make feasibilty report for area you have selected. The report includes:

  • Detailed data for annual insolation on the site (This data may not be readily available and one might need to resort to simulations and data from other sources)
  • Distance to grid connection point and allowed max power to be fed in the grid
  • Soil report which studies the ambient salinity/acidity and local dust levels. Study of local environmental conditions, Irradiation, temperature profile, pollution effects etc.
  • Survey of areas surrounding the site (real estate, infrastructure, forest cover) for shading effects, industry influences etc. A detailed report using equipment  may need to be generated for shadowing effects
  • Calculation of possible wind and snow load and environmental risks – flooding, hail, landslides, lighting, earth quakes etc
  • Availability of electricity for installation work and water for later maintenance


Optimized report would look at the appropriate technology for solar photovoltaic panels which could be crystalline (mono/multi) or thin film (amorphous silicon/Cadmium Telluride).


The panels and balance of system must be certified for proper operation and safety. Extra tests may need to be done keeping in mind the ambient conditions.


Further, inputs leading to detailed project plan with an estimate of the detailed component wise bill of quantities and total cost estimates for the preferred configuration that could be used for the bidding document will include.

  • Specification of the plant (includes points such as plant layout, tilt angle, lightning and fire protection, system monitoring etc).
  • Total plant power /size.
  • Defining of string numbers and Module numbers.
  • Choice of right inverters, sizing of inverters and their number.
  • Estimation of maximum losses originating from components such as cables, inverters etc.
  • Cable sizing and cross section design.
  • Definition of grid connection points and evacuation cabling to grid connection points.


There will be detailed milestones and contracts with terms and conditions for engineering procurement and construction (EPC), O&M, insurances and utility.


Assistance in clearances such as pollution control from government Organizations.


Consultation and assistance for the financial aspects of the project.


Consultation towards EPC from multinational firms.

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