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Close to 10 million jobs could be created worldwide by 2030. -EPIA(European Photovoltaic Industry Association)

India, as an expanding economy, requires as much as 315,000 MW of power by 2017, requiring an investment of Rs 25,80,000 crore. This is a huge investment considering that at present, India has an installed capacity of only 144,565MW. To achieve this target, India has a possibility of adopting a radically different approach. An approach, which on one hand, will have a smaller carbon footprint, and on other is economically viable. Renewable energies may be partly be able cover some of this requirement.


We have experience from various workshops conducted in New Delhi, Hyderabad and Chandigarh. Our course instructors are usually key people from Industry, Academia and Government.
Our course structure is uniquely designed to fulfil needs of particular audience: from school children to working professionals.

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