Understand JNNSM Phase 2 and India’s National Solar Policies

Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission : JNNSM Phase 2

compass-32 A guide to the Indian National Solar Mission

Recently phase two of the national solar mission or JNNSM was launched inviting bids for over 750GW under different schemes. The national solar mission’s aim is not only to promote PV but also thermal and improve solar infrastructure. The JNNSM is often misunderstood due to it’s largely bureaucratic and technical language. We have created this handy guide for you to understand the national solar mission or JNNSM.

Understand the abbreviations! Like all industries, Solar has many abbreviations that you can get lost soon.

MNRE : Ministry of New & Renewable Energy : Nodal Ministry of the Government of India for all matters relating to new and renewable energy.

JNNSM : Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Mission : The target outlined by MNRE for India’s solar development

SEC: Solar Energy Center: R&D unit established by MNRE

NVVN: NTPC Vidyut Vyapar Nigam Ltd : NVVN is a subsidiary of NTPC that basically makes the criteria for selection to give projects and signs the power purchase agreement (PPA)



Quick History and Introduction

The JNNSM was introduced in India in 2010 aiming largely to promote solar on the lines of the success of Spain’s solar program (Success at the time) and other countries like Germany, USA and China.


20 GW

[/one_fifth] [four_fifth_last]The mission’s primary target is to achieve 20GW by 2022.[/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]

3 Phases

[/one_fifth] [four_fifth_last]There are three phases in the JNNSM. At the moment, the MNRE has released JNNSM phase 2.[/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]

1 GW

[/one_fifth] [four_fifth_last]The first phase of JNNSM completed about a gigawatt of solar power plants.[/four_fifth_last] [one_fifth]

750 MW

[/one_fifth] [four_fifth_last]The JNNSM Phase 2 batch 1 consists of 750 MW solar generation.[/four_fifth_last]


calendar-32 Project timeline:


2011 – 2013

Phase 1


2013 – 2017

Phase 2


2017 – 2022

Phase 3




What happened in Phase 1?

150MW of Solar PV and 470MW of Solar Thermal were allotted by NVVN to Independent Power Producers (IPPs). The solar PV project was fixed at 5MW while that of solar thermal at 100MW and no two projects were given to same parent company to avoid allocating the projects to a few players.

A total of 30 PV projects were selected with  bids between INR 10.95 to INR 12.75. The Solar Thermal projects selected had bids between INR 10.24 to INR 12.24.

What’s going on in Phase 2?

Recently MNRE released the phase of national solar mission or JNNSM. It targetsabout 10 GW of utility scale solar projects and 1 GW of off grid solar projects by the end of the phase 2. The second phase targets about 10 GW grid connection out of which 4 GW are in the central scheme and the other 6 GW comes under different state schemes.

MNRE has invited bids for 750MW solar plants in the first batch with around 1,872 crore INR (or around 303 million USD) in subsidies. Out of the 750MW, 350MW have been allotted to be manufactured by Indian companies.

Highlights of JNNSM Phase 2

  • Unlike Phase-I, which was dependent on bundling schemes Phase -II implementation of JNNSM largely relies on two schemes: Generation Based Incentives (GBI) and Viability Gap Funding (VGF).
  • Phase-II will make more solar parks to promote solar energy and educate people about renewable energy.
  • JNNSM Phase 2 targets residential rooftop grid connected systems.
  • Solar Cities : National Solar Mission Phase 2 will focus on developing new and including old cities as “solar cities”.
  • Solar Telecom Towers: Solar energy powered solar telecom towers will be promoted, the target is set at 25,000.
  • Solar Water Heaters: About 8 million square meter is targeted in the phase 2 in 15-20 cities in India.
  • About 20,000 rural areas will be covered with off grid solar plants.
  • About 1 lakh lighting systems (or 100 thousand) that will be off grid.
  • About 25,000 solar pumps will be deployed in agricultural areas.


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