What is the solar water heater subsidy in India ?

Solar Subsidy

Solar Water Heater Subsidy India, MNRE and more

A question often asked is what is the subsidy given by government on solar water heaters? MNRE or Ministry of New and Renewable Energy provides subsidies and incentives to users to use Solar Water Heaters. This scheme is outlined under SWHS or Solar Water Heating Systems.

A question that is often asked is what is the subsidy given by central government’s MNRE for solar water heater. We have compiled a list of incentives and we will keep this page updated to the best of our knowledge to update you for new updates on incentives from central government as well as state government. If you notice any redundancy, please comment below.

Solar Water Heater

 Cost to be paid by consumer after deducting Government Subsidy

The government through its nodal agencies and channel partners provide 30% of cost subsidy to consumers in general category states. The scheme provides 60% subsidy on special category states like the North East states, Hilly area states and islands.

30% subsidy for general category states

In special category states the 60% subsidy will be limited to certain benchmarks. Rs. 3000 per square meter for ETC (Evacuated Tube Collector) systems and Rs. 3300 per square meter for FPC (Flate plate Collector) systems.

60% subsidy for special category states like hilly states


How to avail the subsidy ?

The government passes on the subsidy to partners which in turned is passed on to consumers. So, basically, all you need to do is to go to the right solar water heater company that has MNRE approval.

Saurya EnerTech is MNRE approved for solar water heater systems.


What other incentives does MNRE provide ?

A compiled list of incentives:


You can take loan on your solar water heater system (Scheme 2009-2010). These loans are given at 2-5% depending on the user. Interest free loan is given to domestic users of North East states, Hilly States, Island states, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand and Uttrakhand.

2-5% interest loan in states. Interest free loan for selected states.


Motivators to get Rs.200 per 100 lpd systems from bank.


Capital subsidy equivalent to upfront interest subsidy raised from Rs. 1100 to Rs. 1750 for institutions & from Rs. 825 to Rs. 1400 for commercial establishments.

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  1. sobhan says:

    What is the procedure to get MNRE accreditation for a company ??
    Whether MNRE will go to a particular office and check their product ??

  2. Team Saurya says:

    Well getting accreditation for a company is an entirely different process. It will involve your company being registered for a certain number of years and a rating agency giving you a satisfactory rating. Please visit the MNRE website for details or contact us for consulting regarding that matter.

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