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Understand JNNSM Phase 2 and India’s National Solar Policies

Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission : JNNSM Phase 2  A guide to the Indian National Solar Mission Recently phase two of the national solar mission or JNNSM was launched inviting bids for over 750GW under different schemes. The national solar mission’s aim is not only to promote PV but also thermal and improve solar infrastructure. […]

Using Microgrids in India to prevent grid collapses

Microgrids in India: Largest grid collapse of mankind happened in 2012 in India. Should we search for alternatives ? Almost 620 million people or 9% world population was left without power. We discuss the feasibility of using microgrid in India to counter the situation. The grid collapse of 2012 in India is still fresh in […]

Smart Grid India: Where is India’s future grid?

Smart Grid India While countries like China, USA, Germany are racing to invest and develop new era of grid technology, India’s grid remains severely under developed. Where is India in this smart grid race? More about Smart Grid India: The energy world is excited about this new so called smart grid. Conferences and organizations seems to be […]