Smart Grid India: Where is India’s future grid?

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While countries like China, USA, Germany are racing to invest and develop new era of grid technology, India’s grid remains severely under developed. Where is India in this smart grid race? More about Smart Grid India:

The energy world is excited about this new so called smart grid. Conferences and organizations seems to be talking more about smart grid innovation than anything else. What really is a smart grid?

So, a smart grid is broadly a new generation of grid technology that will bring innovations and improvements in not only the efficiency end but it will help in other areas such as net metering, smart scaling etc. It is broadly said that a real smart grid is almost a decade away from being realized but we are already seeing the so called smarter grids being put up across Europe and the USA.

Thomas Edison Vs. Alexander Graham Bell analogy : Phone has improved vastly but grids remain a century old technology

A widely used analogy is called the Thomas Edison (inventor of grid) Vs. Alexander Graham Bell (inventor of telephone) analogy. These two inventors are from the same era and brought revolutionary technologies to mankind. If Bell was to come to 21st century, he would not understand how the modern phones with their technology works but if Edison was to make a comeback he would still know how the grid functions.


India has faced with severe power outages recently causing tremendous economical loss. The massive grid failure of North India in 2012 was the largest in history of world affecting 620 million people. A comparatively smaller city like Kanpur had economic loss of 450 crores. India needs a smart grid yet there seems no specific road map to achieve this.

Power outages cause huge economic loss. Power outage of 2012 caused Kanpur around Rs. 450 crore.


No Net Metering

Unlike almost all developing countries with ambitions like India, India has even yet to realize the power of net metering. This has significantly affected the solar residential scenario as the costs are not feasible.

What is going on right now for Smart Grid India

There are a few organizations to work towards a smart grid in India. The Power Ministry has set up a India Smart Grid Task Force  or ISGTF with Mr. Pitroda as it’s head. Though they dont seem to have a clear roadmap or agenda in achieving this. On their website it says that they “serve as government focal point for all smart grid related activities”.

POWERGRID of India states on their website that they have an expertise for development of smart grid. Yet, there are no significant fundings or research being done.




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Disclaimer: This blog does not talk about Saurya EnerTech stand on the subject and is merely the author’s point of view on smart grid India.

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2 thoughts on “Smart Grid India: Where is India’s future grid?

  1. shweta says:

    I agree that things are not clear. Everybody is talking about the same but i do not agree with your view point as above stated that no significiant research is being done.
    Things take time plus Country like India where politics is into everything.
    I would suggest you to take a look at another organization website India Smart Grid Forum. Extensive research is being carried on. Young enterprenurs are doing great jobs in rural parts with no grid connectivity. Net metering is being discussed. Pilot projects are in place. I strongly feel that We as in India will reach the level within next few years.

    • Advait Kumar says:

      I agree with you Shweta, however, my point is, how can a nation severely lacking grid infrastructure bring the grid of tomorrow? According to GE, USA is investing about 7 billion dollars in research on smart grid, similar to that of china. India is no where in this list with even Brazil investing about 200 million dollars. What I wanted to convey was that what we are doing is not enough if we want to realize our smart grid and an energized India dream.

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