Understanding of Opportunities in Solar

The UOIS-1 workshop was first in series of solar training workshops to be organized by Saurya.

It was designed such as to cover all the major topics in two days.  With the announcement of JNNSM, the solar industry in India has seen a new boon in the market.  It is clearly evident that solar industry will provide many opportunities to people working in the same domain or who are willing to start their career with it.  The topics were chosen in such a way that entrepreneurs, solar professionals, engineers as well as students could make the most out of the workshop in two days.

The third day of the workshop i.e. October 24 was kept for the field visit to Thyagraja stadium in New Delhi and then to Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy Park in Gurgaon.

[blockquote align=”left”]”It was a very good workshop to start with. I must appreciate your interest and passion to spread awareness for solar energy among students and entrepreneurs. Your introductory session let me know many elementary concepts which I did not know before. ” -Participant UOIS 1[/blockquote]

The eminent speakers from the industry delivered their talks through power point presentations and also took interactive sessions  with the participants.

All the speakers have been working for many decades in their respective fields and hence the participants of the workshop could receive first hand information on various important topics from the experts themselves.

Many useful movies were also shown in the workshop.  Interactive sessions were kept at the end of every presentation however participants could ask questions through the presentations as well.

The sitting arrangement was made in conference style and each participant had a microphone available at the desk so that he/she could ask questions. We had organized lunch for the participants and had two breaks for tea.

[blockquote align=”left”]I have been to many workshops but UOIS workshop is excellent in terms of delivering the quality information. It was an advanced workshop and covered all the topics of my interest especially the manufacturing and testing part. The visit to Solar Power Plants was very informative and helped in understanding the functioning of various components of Solar Power Plant. Thank you for organizing the visit. It is an excellent beginning and initiative. The policies and Finance session taken up by IREDA speaker was very useful to me. -Participant UOIS 1 -Participant UOIS 1[/blockquote]

UOIS- Workbooks were also distributed among the participants. The UOIS- workbook had many important facts and figures listed in it with other useful information and case studies. It also had work-sheets for the participants. Participants did exercises on array designing, load estimation etc. which was very helpful to them to understand the basics of PV systems.


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