Understand JNNSM Phase 2 and India’s National Solar Policies

Jawaharlal Nehru National Solar Mission : JNNSM Phase 2  A guide to the Indian National Solar Mission Recently phase two of the national solar mission or JNNSM was launched inviting bids for over 750GW under different schemes. The national solar mission’s aim is not only to promote PV but also thermal and improve solar infrastructure. […]

Electric Vehicles in India

Electric Vehicles in India Almost all major car manufacturing firms are working on electric motor model of cars. Tesla motors of California is one of the more serious contenders that is making some serious breakthrough in the space. Many people bet electric vehicles to be the vehicle of the future owing to their low carbon […]

Solar Inverter versus Regular Inverter

Difference between a Solar Inverter and a Regular Inverter Something that is often asked is what exactly is a solar inverter and how does it differ from a regular inverter we use daily? What is an inverter? A power inverter is an electric power converter that changes DC (Direct Current) to AC (Alternating Current). Why […]