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I am here to aware u about my problem.my father works as a vetrinary pharmacist in a village area where there is no electricity. My father stays there in this hot weather so i need a solar fan /cooler .can u mail various varieties of these appliances along with cost.

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I would like to know what is the most efficient solar panel so far and its cost. Is it available in the indian market.

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I want to install a solar inver ter for load 105kwh,what willbe the total expence and where can i find in uttarpradesh?

  • Dharmesh asked 8 years ago
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I want to know about upcoming workshops and trainings schdule…..i have tried to see it on site also..it is not showing anything….

please give me info. about these…i am new….

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I want to about the solar inverter.
what is the percentage it uses energy of solar.how is it effictive tha normal inverter, and in which state it is use more …tell in percentage,,,which country are using it.
what its scope and uses…
is it possible for poor people
please, send me some link or notes about above mentioned..

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Dear Sir I want 40 KW solar off grid / On grid system . Kindly let me know the details including project cost. I am interested in most economical solution. Regards Brajesh

  • Monit asked 8 years ago
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Hello sir,
I have 2.5 acres land in village Rajkot district, I planned to install 1 MW
solar power plan and I want to sell industries near my region. so, help me
1) cost of system
2) Which certificates we required?
3) government policy.
4) How much money i have to invest and how much loan?
5) If i give power to government and what is unit rate ?
6) loan subsidy from government and interest of % .
please share other information.

Mukesh Parmar
203, Rameshwar complex ,sadar,
Email Id – mukesh2pmr@yahoo.com
mobile no – +919825158331

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I have Sukam Falcon Plus 12v Inverter and normal 150Ah SuKam Bazooka Tubular battery.

I wish to install 500Wh Solar panel.

In online, found solar panels with 100W, 250W, 360W and 12V, 24V, 48V.

My question is , can I connect any solar panel to my Inverter? Will sukam falcon plus has any restriction on that?

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