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How much solar energy system consisting of panel, battery, inverter, controller & installation will be cosat for 200 watts for 4 hrs in india including subsidize?

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sir, I am looking for a solar system so that we can use the solar energy & avoid the heating of top floor of home.

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plz let me know the estimated cost of a
inverter 5 kw
inverter 2kw
street lighting system

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I want to know the efficiency of the basic “Saurya brand” solar cells used in the solar cell arrays. I also want to know their usable life and what happens to them in time. It will also be nice to know the smaller solar module building block size, their output voltage and power rating along with efficiency details and some reference for the MRP cost involved.

Dr. Shyam

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My current solar system for home:
1. 12V 100W polycrystalline Solar Panel.
2. 12V 75Ah Lead Acid solar tubular Battery.
3. PWM 12V 10A Solar Charge Controller.
4. 12V Input and 200VA Output Inverter.

Current Problem:
Battery not getting charged fully daily because solar panel is getting around 3-4hours sunlight and that too includes sunlight at non-90 degree conditions.

So, I want to add an additional solar panel[preferably 200W or more] which will get 90 degree sunlight from 1pm to 5pm. Also, we get around 50 minutes of on grid supply. During this time inverter charges the battery too.

My questions as per my whole day research:

  1. If I add a 24V 200+W solar panel, I have to connect the panels in series because
    parallel means same voltage but ampere gets added.
    series means same ampere but voltage gets added.
    In this cases what changes are needed to charge the 12V battery?
    I guess someone will suggest MPPT controller. What is the best controller available in India? budget max6000INR

  2. To avoid huge costs and hastle for the above requirement if I go with 12V 150W panel, then I will just need to connect my 12V 10A with a new 12V 20A controller in parallel to draw 8.6+12.5A=22A approx. current from solar panels.Am I correct here?

  3. During a hot and shiny summer how much watts does a 100W panel produce in 90 degree sun conditions? What is the worst output that I will get in rainy season?

  4. While charging battery from the inverter during grid supply, I see the inverter shows around 6A-9A current supply to the battery. Is it the current only that counts how fast the battery goings to be charged. Does change in voltage play any role?

  5. I want to pull as much current as possible from grid and put it to my battery during that 50min time. What device will let me do so? Logically to charge a 12V 75Ah battery from 0-100 we will need something that putts 900W of power into the battery in an hour.
    900/12=70A approx. How much Ampere is safe for longetivity of battery?

P.S: In any circumstances safety and device efficiency is my priority.Please excuse any non-sensical thing if I mentioned above.

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I have Sukam Falcon Plus 12v Inverter and normal 150Ah SuKam Bazooka Tubular battery.

I wish to install 500Wh Solar panel.

In online, found solar panels with 100W, 250W, 360W and 12V, 24V, 48V.

My question is , can I connect any solar panel to my Inverter? Will sukam falcon plus has any restriction on that?

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I want a solar system that can charge my battery a little(20% of the power) and supply the rest of the power to my house(80%) during the day. In the day if there is no power consumed , or less power consumed ,I wanted to send that difference power to the grid.

In the night ,I wanted to completely rely on my battery.

I wanted to know if there is any type of solar system that can suit my needs?

An important thing: If something goes wrong with the system or my solar system do not give enough output , can I rely on the electricity department to supply me normal electricity?

I apologise for the lengthy summary , I’m not very experienced with this.

Thanks a lot, in advance!

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Now using 285 Qcell , what is capacity

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Solar Module Analyzer or Solar Module Analyzers instrument is designed to measure Solar Power in the range from 400 to 1100 nanometers. The good Spectral Range, Orientation and Angular detection of meter allow users to conduct the most precise quantitative measurements of Solar Power Radiation. The Test and Measuring Instruments is High Accuracy for Insulation Measurement and for AC Voltage Measurement.


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