Workshops/ Courses/ Seminars

We have experience from various workshops conducted in New Delhi, Hyderabad and Chandigarh. Our course instructors are usually key people from IndustryAcademia and Government.

Our course structure is uniquely designed to fulfil needs of particular audience: from school children to working professionals.
The workshop will also include small interactive sessions on variety of issues such as calculating energy expenditures of different devices. The duration of courses also vary depending upon the need. For example, awareness courses are typically half day to full seminars, while courses for professionals vary from 20 to 40 lectures.
In all the seminars, modern communication techniques are used with an emphasis on interactive learning sessions. Courses for training professionals also include hands-on training workshops.


For Entrepreneurs/Students who want to enter the Solar Industry.

While entering the business which is new and has different aspects it is important to invest in the right technology and the right area

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  • Basics of the Solar Technology
  • Basics of the Installations
  • Government policies
  • Feel of the current status and progress of the industry
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For School Children.

Seminars on environment conservation : Energy4School

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  • Interactive seminar
  • Uses a lot of media
  • Games and others to interact
  • Careers in RE/Solar Energy
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Specially designed courses.

You cannot enter the solar business without an educated workforce in this area. Our custom designed courses can teach for example your employees the area you might think is crucial for your business. It can include training in basic concepts of Solar or energy expenditure calculation or operation of devices..

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  • Flexible structure to meet your needs
  • Delivered by experts in the area
  • Hands on training
  • Visit to solar installations
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Course on Photo Voltaic installations and hands on training

A course which is specialised for installation area

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  • Hands On experience
  • Field visit
  • Delivered by experts in installations
  • Basics of the solar technology
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