The course:

This is the first course for anyone who needs to understand basic framework of photovoltaics. Training required for solar energy professional goes well beyond what is typical for other areas in the building and construction industries. Even the seasoned professionals in these industries have not had exposure in PV. A professional in the field of PV installation also needs to understand basic electrical principals for PV. He should also possess knowledge of the electrical grid, and be aware of roofing and ceiling applications.

[blockquote align=”center”]”It was a very good workshop to start with. I must appreciate your interest and passion to spread awareness for solar energy among students and entrepreneurs. Your introductory session let me know many elementary concepts which I did not know before. ” [/blockquote] After doing this course, the participant will get familiar with several areas of disciplines such as how to work safely with PV systems, reading and understanding solar maps, conducting site assessment, using electrical and mechanical elements to design  a proper system, checking and troubleshooting installed systems. The participant will also get an overview of solar energy markets and future forecasts.

The participant will get hands-on training on common residential solar electric systems. He will get to see and use batteries and inverters from various manufacturers and mount panels on variety of racking systems. He will also see live solar power station feeding power into grid. He will also be able to make a financial estimation using system sizing of any installation.

The Participants:

Beginner’s course on Photovoltaic installation and hands on training is ideal for civil engineers, architects, Contractors interested increasing their portfolio, PV installers, and electricians who wish to specialize in PV. Any solar enthusiast who would like install a system at his premises or student looking to improve his horizons would also enjoy this course greatly.


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