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Topics include

  • Linking climate and energy
  • Introduction to Renewable Energy- Why Renewable
  • discussion on man’s link with our biome
  • Careers and opportunities in Renewable Energy
  • Photovoltaics
  • PV applications for developing countries
  • Other Renewable fields
  • Bio-mass
  • Wind
  • Waste management
  • Passive solar
  • Concepts in Green buildings
  • Energy efficiency
  • Barriers to deployment of Renwable energy and the role of youth
  • Development of Renewable Energy Task Force
  • Interactive and fun approach
  • Lots of fun games
  • Group discussions


[toggle title=”Where are these seminars conducted ?”] These are seminars are usually conducted in coordination with agencies to spread awareness amongst our future generations. There are no specific location or dates. [/toggle] [toggle title=”What is the tuition ?”] These workshops are conducted at a very nominal rate since its a non-profit effort from our part. [/toggle] [toggle title=”How can I arrange for such workshop ?”] Thats easy! just email us at info@sauryaenertech.com or call us at +91 124 4001137 [/toggle]