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Solar Internship

Every year Saurya recruits a handful of individuals for its solar internship program. This is a highly sought after solar internship program with extensive hands on experience.

Application for Solar Internship

An internship at Saurya is not just another internship. Get hands-on with solar projects and make a contribution to a greener India. Our interns may undergo extensive training that helps them understand the business of Solar. To top all of this up, we actively consider our interns for full time position upon completion of their internship.

Internships at Saurya are offered and become available on a rolling basis. Please note that due to a very large volume of applicants we are not able to reply to each candidate on an individual basis. While we appreciate you taking the time to apply at Saurya, we will reach out to you only when we have an opening that matches your profile. Candidates for internship position are not considered for full time positions and if you wish to apply for a full time position instead, please do so here.

You can also choose to work for Saurya Foundation and make a real and meaningful contribution to our society. Saurya Foundation runs several outreach programs and has received several international awards as well recognition.

We are only looking for candidates who wish to make a career in solar energy and have an active interest in the field.


Our internships are currently offered in Gurgaon and Hyderabad office only. The internship might require travel to solar sites. We strongly suggest applicants from nearby location to apply only.

Saurya Foundation

Work for Saurya Foundation, an active arm of Saurya EnerTech with an aim of making solar accessible for the people of India.

Program Period

The program is for a period of 12-15 weeks and may involve training as well hands on experience.


Education Requirement

We are looking for candidates who have either just graduated or are in their final year of studies. Candidates with strong written and verbal skills are strongly preferred.

Experience Requirement

We want candidates who have had some exposure with solar energy. We are looking for candidates who have undertaken some project, coursework or a work position in solar.


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Apply for Full Time Position

There is a different portal to apply for a full time position at Saurya. Please use the link given below to apply for a full time position.

Apply For Full Time

Why Work With Saurya

Saurya is a leading solar firm of India with arms in multiple sectors. We have a great team of solar engineers and entrepreneurs. At Saurya, you will understand and learn solar from the ground up.

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  • Apply Using Form

    Fill the short form above to apply for an internship.
  • First Round

    We will reach out to your for online interview that consists of some basic essays.
  • Interview Round

    We will conduct interview at our campus, via phone or using video conferencing.
  • Work With Us

    You are all set to join a team of India's best solar team to start your career.

Campus Recruitment?

We have partnered with multiple universities to recruit candidates from their universities directly. Please use the above form even if you are in a partner university. To reach out to our HR department for campus recruitment queries, please contact: HR Team

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