Solar Workshop on Radiation Analysis in India

Understanding of Solar Radiation Analysis in India

Solar Radiation Analysis is a key factor in predicting bankability of solar projects



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  • Regional and local solar radiation affects a solar project

  • Long term prediction of solar radiation, tools, equipment

  • Software needed for solar resource prediction

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Dr. Marcel Suri

Managing Director, GeoModel Solar
Dr. Marcel Suri is one of the leading experts in geographical mapping of solar resource and performance modelling of PV technology.

As a consultant, developer and entrepreneur, he is active in  developing  quality and  uncertainty indicators for  solar resource and PV electricity, in  enforcing transparent transactions in the solar market  by introducing new data standards and innovative approaches in operational data services. One of his key initiatives is  development of  an  online map-based  software  services, supporting solar industry in  design optimization, monitoring and forecasting of solar power, worldwide.

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Tentative topics to be covered

Theoretical and best practices:-

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  • resource potential in India
  • factors of uncertainty and inter annual variability
  • comparison of ground measurement sensors and satellite-based data
  • main issues in measuring and processing the solar data
  • existing data products, related issues, and current developments
  • what is available for India today and tomorrow
  • how solar resource affects PV, CPV and CSP projects
  • best practices of solar resource data for site prospection, planning and design, including financing
  • best practices in the use of solar resource data for power plant operation and monitoring
  • forecasting and grid management
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Hands on Workshop

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  • Best practices of solar resources and PV power simulation
  • simulation of PV power system (key elements of simulations in planning and monitoring)
  • bankable reports
  • performance of different PV module technologies in India
  • monitoring- Best practices of solar resources in CSP
  • prefeasibility
  • bankable data and report
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